Project Name:Family Book Club, Chengdu, Sichuan

Project Location: Chengdu, sichuan ,China

The site area is 70 sqm and the building is  2-storey height with the total area of 110  sqm. These “Skew” modular bookshelves are alternately stacked Lego style giving a much needed dose of action to your otherwise boring book collection.  In a very real sense, container house Family Book Club is obsolescing the library, or rather, one of the featuresof the library, the feature we most identify with the library: book storage.
Various combinations, great livability - By using different ways of combining modules and materials to create different types of architectural space and facade appearance. The maximum sizes of single module our factory can produce is 16154mm long, 4600mm wide and 3300mm high, which has covered up most sizes of required demands in the world, and gives the designers more flexibility.

Volume: 3 renovated containers
Completion: August , 2015

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